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GEAR UP Teacher Created Lessons


“Art Inspiring Art: Merging Your Writing with Visual Images”

by NWP-A’s Director of College, Career, and Community Writing Programs and LPSS Gear Up Partnership and Data Coordinator, Megan Breaux

"Art Inspiring Art" Instructional Video

From Dust to Diamonds: Revision Techniques for Every Writer

by Ms. Stacy Rougeau and Mr. Alexander Fitz

Dust to Diamond Presentation

Video Lessons of Presentation:   

Part 1     Part 2

Exercise Materials:   

41 Shots 

Resume Writing 

Teacher Resume Templates

Template 1    Template 2    Template 3 

Example Resume

Still Life of a Scholar: Using a Still Life and Memoir to Develop a Scholarship Essay

by Ms. Elizabeth Sonnier and Ms. Amanda Himel

Still Life of a Scholar Presentation

Out-In-Out & Argumentative Writing

by Ms. Andrea Brew and Ms. Elise Broussard

Out-In-Out & Argumentative Writing Presentation

"The Big Decision": Exploring Perspectives through Research and Creative Writing

by Mrs. Jillian Boudreaux and Dr. Catherine Godbold

"The Big Decision" Presentation

Video Lessons of Presentation:

Part 1     Part 2

Exercise Materials:


On the Rainy River Excerpt

Sample Story

Artistic Annotations

by Connie Melancon, Cheryl Gelsomine, and Nikki Broussard

Activity 1- Artistic Analysis Presentation

Activity 2- Response and Analysis Presentation

Video Lessons of Presentations

Activity 1    Activity 2

Exercise Materials:

Activity 2 Slide Presentation Instructions

Art Critique Tips

Art Piece Options-Dances

Art Piece Options-Paintings

Art Piece Options-Photos

Art Piece Options-Book Covers


Episodic Fiction

by Nicole Falgout and Katie Wallace

Episodic Fiction Presentation

Exercise Materials:

Ten Stories About Coyotes I Never Told You


Stolen Scenes: Using "Scenes That Move and Matter" to Analyze Literature and Create Narratives

Stolen Scenes Presentation

Exercise Materials:

"Our Good Day" from The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros


Spring 2021 Big Event: "How Does a Poem Mean? Using Tone, Voice, and Expereince in Poetry"

by Jack Bedell

Teacher Workshop Presentation

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