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Epiphanies Everywhere: A Student-Led Creative Storytelling Publishing Project -Helen Kreamer & Toby Daspit

This article details a student-led publishing project that chronicled individuals’ stories in a final authentic product, and provides advice for implementing such projects in secondary classrooms

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This book is a product of blurred boundaries and diverse perceptions. It is a testament to the power of school and community partnerships to provide young people with an outlet to make their voices heard. The Acadiana Center for the Arts and the Lafayette Parish School System provided funds to support students through this student-led publishing project.

Lyla Nugent  

St. Thomas More High School  


“The Hurt”  

Though your words run through me like thorns in my skin 

The space you leave in my core is of no thought to you 

You sit there knowing you have sinned 

You pick and pick and I can’t take it anymore 


All the hurtful words you seem to love to say  

For treating me so cruel  

Will only make me stay away 

You’ll be the only one acting a fool 


As history shows the only one hurting is you 

My gift to you my friend is I see you  

Hopefully that hurt will overcome you 

I see the true you  


May you see the light God has given into you  

Because I do 



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