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On April 20 NWP-A will be hosting another short story and topic discussion based on two short stories chosen by NWP-A Affiliate Yamane Hill:

"The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Stetson

"The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe

This meeting will take place from 7-8:15 PM at Beausoleil Books.

Gain free access to the short stories by clicking on the story titles above!

Thanks for your interest and participation! 

Gain access to previous meetings' short stories here!

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Tip of the Week:

We're reading a Shake Up Learning article called  "10 Things for Teachers to Try in 2023"

GEAR UP Teacher Created Lessons


“Art Inspiring Art: Merging Your Writing with Visual Images”

by NWP-A’s Director of College, Career, and Community Writing Programs and LPSS Gear Up Partnership and Data Coordinator, Megan Breaux

"Art Inspiring Art" Instructional Video

From Dust to Diamonds: Revision Techniques for Every Writer

by Ms. Stacy Rougeau and Mr. Alexander Fitz

Dust to Diamond Presentation

Video Lessons of Presentation:   

Part 1     Part 2

Exercise Materials:   

41 Shots 

Resume Writing 

Teacher Resume Templates

Template 1    Template 2    Template 3 

Example Resume

Still Life of a Scholar: Using a Still Life and Memoir to Develop a Scholarship Essay

by Ms. Elizabeth Sonnier and Ms. Amanda Himel

Still Life of a Scholar Presentation

Out-In-Out & Argumentative Writing

by Ms. Andrea Brew and Ms. Elise Broussard

Out-In-Out & Argumentative Writing Presentation

"The Big Decision": Exploring Perspectives through Research and Creative Writing

by Mrs. Jillian Boudreaux and Dr. Catherine Godbold

"The Big Decision" Presentation

Video Lessons of Presentation:

Part 1     Part 2

Exercise Materials:


On the Rainy River Excerpt

Sample Story

Artistic Annotations

by Connie Melancon, Cheryl Gelsomine, and Nikki Broussard

Activity 1- Artistic Analysis Presentation

Activity 2- Response and Analysis Presentation

Video Lessons of Presentations

Activity 1    Activity 2

Exercise Materials:

Activity 2 Slide Presentation Instructions

Art Critique Tips

Art Piece Options-Dances

Art Piece Options-Paintings

Art Piece Options-Photos

Art Piece Options-Sculptures

Art Piece Options-Book Covers


Episodic Fiction

by Nicole Falgout and Katie Wallace

Episodic Fiction Presentation

Exercise Materials:

Ten Stories About Coyotes I Never Told You


Stolen Scenes: Using "Scenes That Move and Matter" to Analyze Literature and Create Narratives

Stolen Scenes Presentation

Exercise Materials:

"Our Good Day" from The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros


Spring 2021 Big Event: "How Does a Poem Mean? Using Tone, Voice, and Expereince in Poetry"

by Jack Bedell

Teacher Workshop Presentation

Library of COngress resources

Poetry Resources for Teachers

This webpage includes teacher lesson plans, primary source sets with available printable pdfs, historical presentations, classroom activities, blog posts discussing ways to incorporate poetry into the classroom, and access to other valuable resources.

Poetry 180

According to former Poet Laureate of the United States, Billy Collins, Poetry 180 is a project designed to give students the opportunity to hear or read a poem each day of the school year.

Poetry and Literary Blogs

Read over 80 blog posts about poetry and other forms of literature.

See also: Teaching Strategies

National Book Festival

Founded in 2001, the Library of Congress National Book Festival is an annual literary event that brings together best-selling authors, poets, and illustrators with thousands of readers for book talks, panel discussions, book signings and other engaging activities. 

The National Council of Teachers of English
(NCTE) Resources

Professional Support

Find resources, communities, and groups that are beneficial to teachers at any grade level. NCTE features articles and books on topics of interest to english teachers, poetry resources, and position statements.

Lesson Plans

NCTE and International Literacy Association (ILA) have created the website that has a variety of classroom resources for teachers. Teachers have access to writing lesson plans that can be refined by type, grade level, learning objective, and theme.

Other Online Resources

"Varsity Tutors"

Varsity Tutors provides a wide variety of exercises for teaching writing to students at all grade levels.

Writing Prompts from YES! Magazine For Teachers

This webpage provides lesson plans based on thought-provoking YES! magazine articles with writing prompts, writing guidelines and rubrics for teachers, and student essay examples.

"We Are Teachers" Lesson Plans offers english language arts lesson plans for all grade levels.

Click here for 10 Fresh Writing Prompts for High School English

"Kelly Gallagher"

Kelly Gallagher is a teacher, author, speaker, and coach dedicated to helping students become better readers and writers. He provides a wide variety of instructional resources for teachers.

PDF Teaching Aids


Write Now: Teaching Students to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Poet and Award-winning teacher, Joaquín Zihuatanejo, provided this handout, which includes a prompt and scholarship application essay, a scholarship essay checklist, and list of student resources.

Improving the Blank Page 2016 Summer Camp Writing Exercises

Improving the Blank Page 2015 Summer Camp Writing Exercises

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  • Read a list of teacher tips from the professors of University of Tennessee Chattanooga!

  • The Golden Die Contest will award a prize of $1,000 to the best poem written using Metaphor Dice. Additionally, a student winner will receive $500 and 25 sets of Metaphor Dice. All poems submitted to this contest will automatically be considered for publication in Poetry by Chance: An Anthology Powered by Metaphor Dice to be published by Button Poetry in 2023. The complete list of the official words is available through this link. Access submission guidelines here!

  • NWP offers a free online course on their approach to teaching argumentative writing!


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