Improving the Blank Page:

A Partnership between

Lafayette GEAR UP and the
National Writing Project
of Acadiana (NWP-A)

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Louisiana Education Research Association Annual Conference:

"How Community Partnership Can Improve Student Preparation for Post-Secondary Writing Tasks"


National Council for Community and Education Partnerships & GEAR UP Summer School Workshop Presentation:

"A Model for Cultivating and Publishings Authentic Student Writing"


National Council of Teachers of English

2020 Annual Conference Presentation:

"Blurring Boundaries Between Secondary

and Postsecondary : Working Together Together Helps Students Write Their Way Into College"


National Council of Teachers of English

2019 Annual Conference Presentation:

"Creativity in the English Classroom:

Implementing Unique Instructional
Approaches to Foster Inquiry"

2016 LAgniappe Education Conference Presentation:

"Crafting Creativity in the Modern Classroom" 

2015 LAgniappe Education Conference Presentation:

"Creativity of the Written Word"